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American Std Furnaces Are More Efficient

September 15, 2021

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It can be a tough choice deciding between replacing your furnace or getting it repaired again. You may think your furnace can get through one more winter, but don’t chance being left in the cold. Sometimes, the smartest choice is to replace your furnace altogether. With innovative furnace technology and energy efficient options, you will quickly see the benefits of installing a new furnace.

The Benefits of a Furnace Replacement

If you’re deciding between repairing or replacing your furnace, you may be wondering if replacing your unit is worth it. After all, installing a new furnace is no small investment. Here are the benefits of a furnace replacement:

A Furnace Replacement Can Save You Money

Because newer furnaces are more efficient, they’ll save you a lot of money on your utility bills. For example, older furnaces are typically about 80% efficient, meaning that for every $100 you pay on your gas bill, $80 goes towards converting energy into heat and $20 is wasted. New furnaces are anywhere from 92% to 97% efficient. With this efficiency, more of your money is going towards heating your home and very little is wasted.

In addition to saving money on your utility bills, a new furnace can save you from spending so much on repair costs. If you are paying for a furnace repair each season, the price of the parts and labor could add up to be more than they’re worth. It will be much more cost effective to buy a new furnace altogether than to put money into an old, inefficient unit.

The last way a new furnace can save you money is by collecting rebates from utility companies for installing a high efficiency furnace. Check with your local utility company to see what rebates they offer.

A New Furnace Is Safer

The older a furnace gets, the higher the chance of a cracked heat exchanger, which can leak carbon monoxide into your home. Carbon monoxide is a colorless, odorless gas that can cause serious tissue damage or even death. Replacing an old furnace is extremely important to avoid this dangerous issue.

A New Furnace is Better for the Environment

Newer, high efficiency furnaces have a smaller carbon footprint. These systems utilize their fuel source more efficiently, consuming less electricity or gas. This allows for lower carbon emissions, which helps the environment.

A New Furnace Allows for Consistent Home Temperature

Old furnaces blast heat to come up to the temperature set on the thermostat, making you feel hot. Then when the heat turns off, you quickly become chilly as the temperature drops. But newer furnaces are better able to maintain a consistent temperature throughout your space with both variable-speed and two-stage options, making your home more comfortable.

  • Variable Speed Furnace – Variable speed refers to a furnace’s blower motor, which is how air is moved throughout the ductwork. Variable speed motors run at different speeds to control the flow of heated or cooled air throughout your home, which will result in a better balance of temperature and humidity. Also, a variable speed furnace uses about two-thirds less electricity than a single speed furnace, which will save you money on utility bills. Furthermore, a variable speed furnace can help keep the air in your home clean. The fan can be set to run consistently to slowly circulate air, which will allow HVAC filters to remove more contaminants.
  • Two Stage Furnace – Two stage refers to the gas valve and burners, which control how much heat the furnace produces. Two stage furnaces operate in, you guessed it, two stages. The first stage operates most of the time and is only about 65% of the furnace’s full capacity. When the temperature drops too low for the first stage to properly heat your home, the second stage turns on to provide sufficient heat. This process allow air to be distributed throughout your home very evenly, reducing temperature fluctuations. These types of furnaces also help to increase energy efficiency on days when the weather is moderate, as the furnace will likely remain on the first stage. A variable speed, two stage furnace is a great choice for your furnace replacement.

Trust the Experts at Martinov for a Furnace Installation

From cheaper utility bills to a more comfortable home, there are several reasons why replacing your furnace is a smart choice. Let the experts at Martinov Home Solutions help answer any questions about a furnace installation. We can help you choose the perfect furnace for your needs. Contact us today for a free estimate!

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