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Radiant Floor Heating Installation Photos

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Also known as under floor heating, radiant floor heating is an under-the-floor heating system that conducts heat throughout the floor surface. Radiant floor heating makes it easier to control the temperature of each room by setting your preferred temperature in the zones frequently used and turning the temperature down in the rooms you don’t use as often. This allows you to save energy and money.

Radiant Floor Heating Grooved Plywood

This is a radiant floor heat system that was installed on grooved plywood, which provides easy installation and is much more efficient than piping installed under a plywood subfloor. In this application, pipes are in direct contact with the finished floor product, which transfers heat faster.

Residential Radiant Floor Installation

The grooved plywood helps to evenly spread temperature throughout the entire room.

Radiant Heat Zoning Heads on Heating Manifold

This photo shows the zoning heads on a heating manifold. In this application, it’s very easy to control zone heating with a thermostat in each room, for efficient and comfortable heating.

Residential Gas Boiler System

This is a high efficiency gas boiler system for floor heat and a hot water tank. The recovery time for a hot water tank is very short. This particular hot water system requires different water temperatures, which this modulating boiler can provide.

Seven-Zone Heating System Installation

The system in this image has seven heating zones, with each zone having its own pump. In this application we can evenly spread the temperature in larger systems.

Heating Manifold for Residential Heating System

This photo shows a heating manifold for one heating zone. The system is filled with glycol to protect the pipes from freezing, because part of the system heats a storage room where the heat will only be used when needed.

Basement Floor Heating System

Featured above is a basement floor heating system before the concrete was poured. The warm basement floor will make the whole house cozy and comfortable.

Basement Floor Radiant Heat Oxygen Barrier Pipes

Once this basement floor was leveled and insulation was installed, oxygen barrier pipes were laid down. The air pressurized pipes are fastened with staples to the insulation, and the top of the pipes have wire mesh that only need edge insulation before the concrete is poured.

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