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Residential Heating & Cooling Photos

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At Martinov Home Solutions, we offer a large variety of comfort heating and cooling systems so you can find the perfect system for your home. Whether you are looking for a residential heating or residential cooling system, our skilled technicians will find the right option for you. Check out some of our recent residential heating and cooling installations.

Gas Boiler Heating Systems

Residential Gas Wall Heater Installation

This gas heating boiler was the perfect solution for heating a residential garage and car wash bay in the winter.

Home Boiler Installation

This compact gas boiler system provides the entire home with energy-efficient heat.

Residential HVAC Systems

Residential Air Conditioning Installation

We installed an energy-efficient air conditioning system as the air handler in the attic of this home. The copper pipes and wires were installed in a plastic cover and later painted to blend in with the home’s exterior.

Residential Air Conditioning Unit Anchored to Foundation

Do you have solid basement walls? Martinov Home Solutions can install an AC unit on a bracket that is anchored to your home’s foundation. In this application, the air conditioning unit won’t settle and is easier to landscape around.

Air Conditioning Installation on Concrete Pad

These residential air conditioning units were installed on a concrete pad, making landscaping and mowing around them much easier.

Installed Two-Stage Air Conditioning Systems

These two-stage air conditioning systems were installed around beautiful existing landscaping.

Two-Stage Residential Air Conditioning Systems

Pictured above are two air conditioning units that were installed in a steep back yard. Gravel was added around the base of the units to prevent ground erosion.

HVAC Installation in Newly-Constructed Home

The HVAC system pictured above was installed in a newly-constructed home.

Residential HVAC System Hot Water Tank Installation

A residential HVAC system and hot water tank were installed right next to each other, giving homeowners additional space for a finished basement.

Outdoor Insulation Pipes for HVAC System

At Martinov, our professionals pay attention to every step of the installation process, including proper insulation.

Two-Zone HVAC Installation

These two zoned HVAC systems work together to provide efficient comfort on every floor of the house.

Heat Pump Installed with Propane Furnace

This photo shows a high-efficiency heat pump installed with a propane furnace. This heat pump is the most efficient heating source for mild weather. When the outside temperature drops below 35 degrees, this system automatically switches to a propane furnace.

Four-Zone HVAC Installation

This HVAC system has four zones and an energy recovery unit. This system can supply fresh air from outside and save up to 75% of energy during air exchange.

HVAC Energy Recovery Unit

This energy recovery unit is a very important component of an HVAC system for highly efficient and tightly insulated homes.

Large Zoned Commercial HVAC System Installation

This large, zoned modulating HVAC system was installed on the second floor of a home with an electronic air cleaner and humidifier.

Commercial Zoned HVAC System

This HVAC zoned system features an electronic filter and humidifier with one of the best filters on the market. This filter is washable, which saves money on replacements.

Back-To-Back Residential Heating and Cooling Systems

These two zoned HVAC systems were installed back to back. In this application, even two large systems can be placed in an area with limited space.

Energy Recovery Heating Systems Installation

This photo shows multiple energy recovery systems working through common vents to the outside. This system has only two outside vents instead of six, for three larger HVAC systems.

Residential Heat Pump

This heat pump is an energy-efficient alternative to traditional furnaces that use electricity to heat the air.

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Why Customers Trust Us

As homeowners, we understand the importance of having a quality heating and cooling system to provide a safe haven for your family. Your home should be a comfortable place that keeps you warm during the cold of winter and allows you to escape the heat in the summer. We stand behind all of our work, providing a 100% guarantee on all the services we provide.


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