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Martinov Home Solutions is your go-to furnace installation and furnace repair company in the Akron and Northeast Ohio areas. When you replace a heating system, it’s important to know the following:

  • How the various systems work
  • What size furnace you need to optimally heat your home
  • What type of high-efficiency furnace is best for your personal needs

All of these factors will have an influence on the comfort of your home and will also impact the money spent on heating and cooling energy costs down the road.

Expert Solutions on a Budget

Martinov Home Solutions is comprised of experts that can help you in the furnace installation decision process, taking the burden off of you. We serve you while keeping your unique needs and budget in mind throughout the process, resulting in the perfect heating solution for you.

Our Qualified Furnace Installation Technicians

Our furnace installation technicians are licensed and insured for your protection and quality assurance. From oil to gas furnaces, you can rest assured that the team of heating system experts at Martinov Home Solutions is prepared and qualified to help. Contact us today to schedule your free, in-home estimate and experience truly personalized service as we help you find the furnace that best suits your home.

Why Customers Trust Us

As homeowners, we understand the importance of having a quality heating and cooling system to provide a safe haven for your family. Your home should be a comfortable place that keeps you warm during the cold of winter and allows you to escape the heat in the summer. We stand behind all of our work, providing a 100% guarantee on all the services we provide.

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