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Akron Ohio Geothermal Heating Services
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Martinov Home Solutions provides many geothermal heating systems that are designed to meet your specific home and financial needs. Whether you are looking for a geothermal heat pump, a water-source heat pump or a dual source heat pump, our expert technicians will assist you in determining the best solution for you and your home. We will customize and properly install your quality home heating system.

What is Geothermal Energy?

Geothermal energy uses the heat from the earth to create a clean and sustainable resource. Geothermal energy can range from shallow ground to ground deep below the surface. This sustainable energy source is an environmentally friendly and energy-efficient solution to traditional home heating methods. The efficiency of geothermal energy is very high because no energy conversion is needed.

While traditional heating uses air temperature, geothermal heating systems take advantage of the stable underground temperatures to deliver incredibly high efficiencies to your home. This is possible due to the ground’s ability to remain a moderately constant temperature, even in many parts of the country that experience seasonal changes in temperatures. Geothermal heat pumps use the constant ground temperature to exchange heat with the earth through a ground heat exchanger.

Types of Geothermal Heat Pump Systems

At Martinov Home Solutions, we offer a variety of geothermal heat pump systems to fit the specific needs of your home. We offer several closed-loop systems including horizontal loop, vertical loop and pond/lake systems, as well as open loop and hybrid systems.

  • Closed-Loop Systems: Closed-loop geothermal heat pumps can be water-based or refrigerant-based. In a closed-loop water-based system, water or an antifreeze solution is circulated through closed-loop plastic pipes that are buried beneath the ground’s surface. Refrigerant-based closed-loop systems rely on refrigerant that flows directly through copper tubing buried in the ground. In the winter months, the fluid collects heat from the earth and carries it through the system and into the building to supply heat. During the warmer summer months, the system reverses itself to cool the building. It pulls heat from the building, carries it through the systems and distributes it into the ground. This process produces free hot water in warmer months and provides substantial hot water savings in the cooler winter months. There are three closed-loop configurations:
    • Horizontal Loop: The horizontal loop is generally considered the most cost-effective option for residential installations. This configuration requires trenches that are at least four feet deep with two pipes placed in the trenches. This configuration is optimal where sufficient land is available.
    • Vertical Loop: Vertical loop systems are used when there is an insufficient amount of land for horizontal loops. Vertical loops are commonly used on schools and large commercial buildings where there isn’t much land and the soil is too shallow for trenching. For a vertical system, 100- to 400-foot-deep holes are drilled around 20 feet apart.
    • Pond/Lake Loop: Pond/lake loop systems run a supply line pipe underground from the building to the body of water. The line pipes are coiled into circles at least eight feet under the water surface. The pond/lake loop system is usually the least expensive option for sites with an adequate body of water.
  • Open Loop System: An open-loop system uses surface body or well water as the heat exchange fluid that circulates through the global heat pumps. The open loop system is only practical for sites with a large enough supply of water that is relatively clean.
  • Hybrid Systems: Hybrid systems use several geothermal resources with outdoor air or other related technology. This system is particularly effective when a site’s cooling needs are considerably greater than its heating needs.

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