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How to Choose the Right Company for Air Conditioning Repair

June 19, 2020

Categories: Air Conditioning

Residential Air ConditionerIt’s going to be in the 90’s next week and you’ve noticed your air conditioner isn’t keeping your home or business very cool. Now is the perfect time to call someone for air conditioning service. Before you pick up the phone to call the first number on the list of local HVAC companies, make sure you know how to choose one that is reputable.

Watch for Red Flags

Not all local HVAC companies are alike. You can spend a lot of time researching companies and reviewing their websites, but these steps should be your starting point, not your determining factor. When it comes to hiring the right company for your air conditioning repair there are three red flags to watch out for that will help you eliminate heartache and regret.

1. Estimates Over the Phone

If an HVAC company takes your call, only asks a few questions, then provides an estimate over the phone, cross them off your list immediately. A trustworthy contractor will never provide a “knee jerk” verbal estimate. They will make an appointment to assess your home or business firsthand by going in an attic, crawl space and/or rooftop. They will also walk around the entire perimeter of a home or building to assess what the problem is before providing an estimate. Once they’ve done the proper inspection, a reputable company will provide a written estimate detailing what they found and the solution they recommend to remedy the situation.

If there is no written estimate, then the company is not properly inspecting your home or business and their recommended air conditioning service will most likely not solve the problem and could cause additional issues with your HVAC system in the future.

2. We’ve Always Done It This Way

Sometimes how long an HVAC company has been in business is the determining factor for hiring an air conditioning repair company. Although experience is important, it isn’t everything. Just because the business has been around for a long period of time shouldn’t be the only reason to hire them. Make sure the HVAC company you are considering is well versed in current technologies. For example, they should know about smart HVAC control units that can run a home or business’s AC system with programmable schedules and preferences.

To put it simply, “we’ve always done it this way” isn’t a phrase a company that is up on current technology would readily use, so be wary if it is said to you during an air conditioning service call.

3. Doesn’t Provide a Guarantee

A trustworthy air conditioning service company should clearly state on most, if not all, of their literature and website that they stand behind their work. One important way to determine this is checking if they are licensed.

Without a license, there is no insurance that the job will be done properly. Licensed HVAC contractors know how to manipulate gas lines as well as electrical and plumbing applications. Some if not all of these items must be properly dealt with when local HVAC companies service their customers. For this reason alone, you don’t want someone working on your HVAC system who isn’t qualified to close off your gas line, or properly disposing of refrigerant. The worst part, if the work is not done correctly there won’t be any recourse for refund or follow up service to remedy the situation.

If there is no guarantee, it is likely that the company does not have a license. Take a pass on those HVAC companies or suffer the consequences.

Word of Mouth

Before you make a final decision, ask around. Find out if anyone you know has used an air conditioning repair company lately. If there are no personal recommendations, check review websites like Home Advisor, Angie’s List and the Better Business Bureau for customer reviews. These types of “word of mouth” reviews/recommendations provide insight into how local HVAC companies truly perform their services and treat their customers.

There are many heating and cooling companies available to choose from. There are no red flags to worry about when you choose to work with Martinov Home Solutions. You can always expect to be treated with the warmth and respect you deserve. We stand behind all our work by providing a 100% guarantee on all HVAC services.

If you’re concerned that your air conditioning may not be functioning properly, contact us or call 1-877-358-0033 today to schedule your free, in-home estimate.

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