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Air Conditioning Installation: DIY or Hire a Professional?

January 7, 2020

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It’s a scorching-hot day and the sun beats down relentlessly outside. You’ve made up your mind— it’s a “stay-at-home with the air conditioning on full-blast” type of day. However, half-way through the day, you start sweating and the fans you’ve turned on don’t seem to be helping. You check the AC unit and notice the temperature is spiking above 80 degrees and realize that your AC has been working too hard and is in desperate need of repairing or replacing. There are two options: hire someone to install it or DIY the installation process. You might be inclined to install it yourself, because of cheaper costs. Professionals and experts at local HVAC companies give advice and are licensed to repair AC units, allowing you the peace of mind that your air conditioner will work efficiently.

When to Install or Repair Your Air Conditioning Unit

  • If the air conditioner is between 10-15 years old. By the time an air conditioner reaches its fifteenth year, it will start to break more frequently and may need parts serviced or repaired.
  • Replace the air conditioner if the frequency of repairs cost too much. In the long-term, it’s more cost-effective if you install a brand-new AC unit instead of paying to repair one multiple times, especially if it is over 15 years old.
  • Improve your quality of life for your family. Air conditioning can also include air filtration systems and ventilators. Installing one with your air conditioning unit can get rid of allergens, like mold, that are harmful to the household.
  • Sometimes air conditioners get overworked and just can’t keep up with the demand of cooling down the house, causing the temperature to steadily rise. This may increase your energy bill, too. Replacements and repairs may need to be made.

When looking to replace or service an AC unit, there are different types of air conditioning systems that you can choose from to fit your specific needs.

Should You DIY the installation of Your AC?

It’s not recommended.

One of the main reasons is because it can be a safety hazard to those with no prior or professional experience as you may have to climb on the roof or handle concrete and refrigerant from old units when installing a new one. If you are handling refrigerant, it is highly suggested that an expert is on-hand.

Air conditioning installation can be extremely time consuming and the assembly can be difficult. Before beginning to install the unit, the homeowner will have to receive a permit to start the process. The process requires active manual labor. Connecting the air conditioning to the ductwork can be difficult as you must make sure the pieces are fully attached. This means you may be crawling around the attic or removing parts of your floor to check the connections.

After you install your AC unit, you should make sure that it is running properly. Some problems that may occur briefly after installation are refrigerant leaks, electrical failure or lack of consistent temperature.

Who Should You Hire?

A licensed HVAC professional goes through training and testing that makes them experts at the different types of air conditioning systems, their parts and the installation process. By hiring an expert, you won’t need to research or do the manual labor that is entailed when doing DIYs. There is also less chance of the unit not running smoothly after installation, and if there is, the professional will be more than happy to come and check out the problem and fix it promptly. The HVAC contractor acts as a guide and resource, giving you advice and answering any questions you may have.

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